Matri Mandir Sambad

A Quarterly in House Magazine

  • Matrimandir Sambad is a quarterly magazine for interesting reading.
  • Articles for Matri Mandir Sambad for each quarter is accepted till the end of the previous month.
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Matri Mandir Sambad is a quarterly magazine published in the months of January, April, July & October. This is an immensely popular magazine and is distributed free of cost to interested readers in whole of India and abroad as well. The contents of the sambad is a mixture of Literary articles, stories and interesting facts. Articles for publishing in the magazine is welcome.

To know more about Matri Mandir Sambad, please feel free to communicate with the Editorial Board of Matri Mandir Sambad or Matri Mandir Office

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Matri Mandir Sambad (April'21)